Guangdong Dyna International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Dyna International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. (Dyna Shipping) was established in May 2003.

Dyna Shipping holds the Registration Certificate for International Shipping Agency Businesses (Certificate No.: MOC-VA00513) issued by Ministry of Communications of the People Republic of China on 3 July 2003.

Since then, with Int¡¯l Shipping Agency services as company¡¯s core business, and operating the transportation routes from China to the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia via Hong Kong as market orientation, Dyna Shipping has become the largest one, multi-purpose and specialized shipping Agency company in China with subsidiary located in the Pearl River Delta.

Scope of Service

Dyna Shipping has always engaged in multiple-developed freight services, which include: the regular feeder service operating daily between Guangdong, Guangxi and Hong Kong; worldwide import and export ocean freight service; warehousing and delivery service; consolidation and de-consolidation service; dangerous cargoes transportation service; transshipment from ports of China via Hong Kong to the world; customs declaration and clearance service; cargo insurance and other logistic management services.

To keep pace with the trends of economic globalization and informatization, Dyna Shipping makes dauntless efforts for innovation, advancement and application of computer and the internet, and has expanded services to Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. Dyna Shipping has successfully acquired the exclusive rights & become the sole agent of ¡°Dyna Int¡¯l Shipping Ltd.¡± in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Guangdong and Guangxi Feeder Service

Dyna¡¯s self-support fleets provide regular direct feeder services between Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta and between Hong Kong and major ports in Beihai of Guangxi Province, to ensure the convenient and swift shifting of customers goods in and out Guangdong, Hong Kong and Guangxi.

World Import and Export Ocean Freight Services

For many years, Dyna Shipping has continued to establish a global transportation network. We have maintained close cooperation with major global and regional carriers, and to provide quality services to customers with the most favorable prices and frequent feeder services.

Consolidation and de-consolidation Service

For customer with goods less than container load (LCL), Dyna Shipping provides consolidation and delivery services to avoid unnecessary duration of time and expenses for customers. Besides, we provides de-consolidation of full container loads, warehousing, packaging and door-to-door services according to the instructions of customers.

Fireworks and Other Dangerous Cargos Transportation Service

With years of experiences in handling transportation of dangerous cargos, high sense of responsibility and matured operation pattern, Dyna Shipping has become a leading agency in the field of fireworks and other dangerous cargos transportation services in East China and South China.

Customs Declaration and Clearance Service

Dyna Shipping equipped with a team of professional and experienced staffs to handle customs declaration and clearance of various cargoes, by collaborating with professional worldwide agencies to ensure cargoes of our customers to reach destinations on schedule.

Inland Domestic Service

To maintain close working relationship with the highway and railway operators in China, Dyna Shipping offers a sound and comprehensive land-sea transportation service to customers, and to assist them connecting cargoes between inland cities and individual loading ports while ensuring the reliability and security of goods.

Warehousing and Delivery Service

Dyna Shipping understands that a set of effective warehousing and delivery service can save transportation cost for customers. Therefore, we have warehouses in the country and to provide a reliable storage of goods & distribution services to enhance the quality of our services.


As an international Shipping Agency, and with the exclusive agency rights granted by Hong Kong and individual overseas Freight Forwarding companies, Dyna Shipping gains comprehensive advantage in the support of technical services, mode of operation and transportation routes, etc.


Comprehensive Transportation Services

Dyna Shipping provides a set of comprehensive transportation services, which satisfy specific requirements of customers. We offer a full range of services including ocean freight carriage, inland and domestic transport, haulage, warehousing, customs declaration and clearance, cargo insurance, logistics management and various consultation services plus regular feeder service between Hong Kong, Guangdong and Guangxi, provide efficient and reliable services to importing/exporting of containers in the Mainland.

Worldwide Transportation Network

Dyna Shipping has always been expanding the coverage of cargo transportation network by selecting oversea partners of good credibility and strength in order to meet customers¡¯ requirements for quality worldwide freight forwarding services and to safeguard their interests.

Selection of Shipping Lines

Through years of development, Dyna Shipping has established good partnership with all major ocean carriers including MSC, Evergreen, MOL etc., and able to provide full-range of service selections on freight cost, shipment schedule, duration, port of loading, inland transshipment location etc. in order to satisfy the needs of different customers.

Fully Computerized Operation with High Efficiency

To continuously improve the service quality and management efficiency, Dyna makes full use of modernized equipments and management measures, using advanced computerized equipment in our operation and utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology transmitting data among all branch offices to increase efficiency and accuracy of operations.

Good Business Reputation

Dyna Shipping has established good reputation in the industry since the foundation. We have always devoted to provide quality and efficient shipping & freight forwarding services to our customers through years of close partnership with major liners in the region. In June 1997, Star TV broadcasted a special programme featuring good reputation of Dyna Shipping.
China joined the WTO which provided immense market to import and export trade and cargo transportation businesses.
Through years of efforts, Dyna Shipping has accumulated valuable experiences in market operations, and has taken this opportunity to strengthen the development.
With the good reputation in Pearl River Delta, we also provide comprehensive transportation services through alliances agency partners in Shanghai, Beihai, Ningbo, Beijing, Xiamen, Fuzhou and other places in the Mainland to the customers.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Spirit

Innovation, Credibility, People-oriented, Perfection

Business Principles

Business principles: Safe and Efficient; Top Quality with Competitive Prices;

Service standard: Provide Services Honestly and Cheerfully;
To provide various quality and efficient worldwide transportation services honestly, including professional advices, devoted services, appropriate arrangement and on time delivery etc. depending on different requirement of customers.

Operation Concept

Operation concept: Honesty First, People Oriented;

Operation strategy: China-Based, Worldwide-Sighted;

Operation objective: Customer Satisfaction, Service Foremost;

We sincerely welcome people from all circles to become reliable partners of Dyna Shipping in the field of international transportation.

Mission and Values

Historical mission: Serve the society, benefit the community, develop the industry and strengthen our country;

Operation guideline: Provide the best quality of service, select the best routing, choose the safety carriers, minimize the transportation cost for customers.

By integrating rich operational experiences accumulated through years, Dyna Shipping has established internally a precise and efficient service system.
The ¡°Dyna Service Standard¡± has implemented into every component of the business.


Dyna Shipping is full of confidence in the development of transportation & logistics industry in the future.
To strengthen and further improve the leading position in the industry, the following plans have been made:

-Implementing principle of ¡°people-oriented¡± continuously; encouraging employees for continuous education or training in order to improve service quality and professional skills.
-Expand service network by developing new overseas agents and set up more branches and offices.
-Continuously explore new feeder routes and strengthening the frequency of existing feeder service.
-Develop water-land connection transportation business to provide more convenient transportation agency services to customers.
-Strengthen computer system by optimizing the use of internet, in order to provide more accurate and timely information about shipments.

Besides, Dyna Shipping will continue to invite talents in the industry to reorganize unused logistics resources and to expand service network in China.
With continuous expansion and development of business, Dyna Shipping is stepping firmly towards the goals.




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